Klaus Adam

Klaus Adam is Professor of Economics and currently Dean of the Department of Law and Economics at the University of Mannheim. He previously held a professorship at the University of Oxford and Nuffield College and worked for the European Central Bank. He is a member of the Academic Advisory Board of the German Ministry of Finance, Research Professor at the Deutsche Bundes­bank, and associate editor for the Journal of Monetary Economics.

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What's new?


Latest #WeekInEurope Podcast (July 11, 2024): 

Unpacking French Election Results, with Hadrien Camatte (Natixis)

New working papers: 

The Optimal Inflation Target: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice
, with Henning Weber, forthcoming in: Handbook of Inflation, June 2024

Inflation Distorts Relative Prices: Theory and Evidence, with Andrey Alexandrov and Henning Weber, updated May 2024

Overconfidence in Private Information Explains Biases in Professional Forecasts, with Pei Kuang and Shihan Xie, preliminary version, April 2024

Markups and Marginal Costs over the Firm Life: Implications for the Optimal Inflation Target, with Tobias Renkin and Gabriel Zuellig, preliminary version

Just published:
Estimating the Optimal Inflation Target from Trends in Relative Prices, with Henning Weber, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Vol.15 (3): 1-42, 2023

Expectations Data in Asset Pricing
, with Stefan Nagel, Chapter 16 in the Handbook of Economic Expectations, 2023, pre-print version here

The Case for a Positive Euro Area Inflation Target: Evidence from France, Germany and Italy, Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol. 132, November 2022, online appendix here