Policy reports

CEPR Report: The ECB strategy: The 2021 review and its future, with Lucrezia Reichlin,  Warwick McKibbin, Michael McMahon, Ricardo Reis, Giovanni Ricco,  and Beatrice Weder di Mauro; September 2021.

Report of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the German Finance Ministry: The financial transactions tax (in German), April 2020

SAFE Policy Brief:  Proposal for an Incentive Compatible European Deposit Re-Insurance Scheme (in German, coauthored with T. B├╝ttner, J. Hennrichs, J. Krahnen & J. Rocholl),  March 2020

EU-Report: "Analyse,  Compare, and Apply Alternative Indicators  and Monitoring Methodologies  to Measure the Evolution of Capital Market  Integration in the European  Union", January 2002 

joint with Tullio Jappelli, Annamaria Mennichini, Mario Padula, and Marco Pagano. 

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